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Parkinson's SA&NT are offering a range of Living Well seminars, as well as some of our specialised support groups virtually via Zoom. Zoom is a web video conferencing used by many individuals, organisations and support and recreational groups worldwide. Zoom allows us to connect easily and to speak with each other even though we can’t be together. While there is a paid version that we use at Parkinson’s SA, the Zoom app is available to use for free with some restrictions. We have been embracing Zoom post Covid-19 lockdowns because it allows us to connect with the community whilst maintaining social distance, where we can all see each other and join in the discussion together, whether we are on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. This is exciting, and mastering IT such as this can only give our community further confidence in remaining independent moving forward. This also means our reach into the community is greater than ever before, because our regional and remote commnity can Zoom with us and participate actively from their own regions. 

Below is the list of upcoming sessions that you may wish to join. You will find the link, and then get asked to enter the Meeting ID and Passcode included in each session below. We recommend you bookmark this page and come back to it for the link to each session you wish to attend. 

THURSDAY 19/11/2020     10:00 - 11:30AM
Living Well: Sensory Processing: Maintaining function through mastering your senses

Target Audience: People living with Parkinson’s
Speaker: Christian Burden - Occupational Therapist - Wellbeing Team, Parkinson’s SA&NT
Outline: Sensory processing is the way that a person perceives, processes and organises the information that they receive through their senses – hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste and movement. This sensory information can work both for you and against you, and can even be involved in exacerbating or relieving some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s such as fatigue and anxiety. This session aims to encourage you to consider how you interpret sensory information and get you thinking about using your sensory system as a symptom management tool.

Click here to join Zoom Living Well: Sensory Processing - Maintaining function through mastering your senses

Meeting ID: 835 8518 6037 Passcode: 19112020

THURSDAY 26/11/2020     11:00 - 12:00NOON
Regional Connect Support Group


Target Audience: Regional community
Facilitator: Maggie Barrington
Outline: Designed specifically to reach our community that live outside of Metropolitan Adelaide, this group aims to connect those who wouldn’t normally be able to access existing metro supports. Whether you’re in Coober Pedy or Coobowie, Alice Springs or Angaston or anywhere in between - we welcome your attendance. Regional and remote members may have differing priorities and needs compared to those in metro Adelaide, so we invite you to attend this group and share your ideas and thoughts of what you need from this group going forward.

Click here to join Zoom Regional Connect Support Group

Meeting ID: 838 8149 7381 Passcode: 26112020

THURSDAY 26/11/2020     1:30 - 3:00PM
Women with Parkinson’s Support Group


Target Audience: Women with Parkinson’s
Facilitator: Maggie Barrington

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Meeting ID: 822 2967 1078 Passcode: 26112020

FRIDAY 27/11/2020        10:00 - 1:00PM
Young Onset Forum 


Target Audience: Under 65’s with Parkinson’s 
Speakers: Christian Burden, Maggie Barrington, Dr Lyndsey Collins-Praino, Professor Colleen Canning, Emma Johnson, 


Room One
Dealing with change- resentment, guilt and grief
Relationships, Sex and Intimacy
Prodromal symptoms of Parkinson’s disease: Early identification for more effective therapies
Employment and Legal

Click here to join Zoom Young Onset Forum ROOM ONE

Meeting ID: 828 8645 1274 Passcode: 27112020


Room Two
NDIS: Preparing for NDIS
NDIS: Making the most of your plan
Managing apathy as part of your wellbeing plan
Exercise and it’s benefits for those living with Pd

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Meeting ID: 869 4224 6708 Passcode: 27112020

TUESDAY 1/12/2020         2:00 - 3:30PM
Living Well: Managing fatigue and cognitive changes


Target Audience: People living with Parkinson’s
Speaker: Christian Burden - Occupational Therapist - Wellbeing Team, Parkinson’s SA&NT
Outline: Fatigue and ‘Brain fog’ are two symptoms of Parkinson’s which a majority of people will experience at some point along their journey. It can be frustrating for both the person with Parkinson’s and their primary support person, and can impact on many meaningful activities of daily living. In this session, we will discuss how fatigue impacts different functions of the brain and body, and how cognitive functions in particular can be affected by fatigue (and Parkinson’s in general). We will discuss some strategies to reduce ‘brain strain’ and how to get control of fatigue so that it easier to live well with Parkinson’s.


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Meeting ID: 844 4201 4929 Passcode: 01122020

THURSDAY 3/12/2020         11:00 - 12:00NOON
Wordsflow Writers Group

Target Audience: anyone interested in creative writing
Facilitator: Simone Ridge-Cooke
Outline: Recognising the value and cognitive significance of creative writing. Poetry, Rhyme, Verse, Fiction, Non Fiction and more. A chance to bounce ideas off each other, offer constructive critique, and practice your literary and linguistic skills as you read your poetry out loud.


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Meeting ID: 881 3274 6563 Passcode: 03122020

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