An exciting future for Parkinson’s South Australia and our community

Hospital Research Foundation discussions
For some months now, the Board of Parkinson’s South Australia have been undertaking due diligence discussions with The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) regarding the potential of Parkinson’s SA merging into the THRF Group. The Board has investigated this opportunity in good faith, at all times representing the best interests of the organisation and the membership. 

What does this potential merger mean for us?
In short, financial security. This merger will ensure that we exist now and into the future continuing to invest in support services for the people of South Australia. Due to the impact that the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the world economy, people’s ability to donate to charity will dramatically reduce. Sadly, as a result many charities and support services will no longer have the funding to operate and we will see many of them close. It is vital that the support services of Parkinson’s SA continue for people living with Parkinson’s and their families during and after this health crisis.

Why Parkinson’s SA?
For some time now The Hospital Research Foundation has been watching the work we have been doing and what has been achieved in the past couple of years on a very limited budget. Needless to say they are impressed with the capacity of the organisation and have understood the vision and potential we have as a community. The Hospital Research Foundation are keen to partner with Parkinson’s SA to grow and maximise choice, independence and wellbeing for those living with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

The principal objective of the merger
The principal objective for The Hospital Research Foundation regarding the proposed merger is to increase the potential benefit to the South Australian community through improved provision of support services for people living with a neurological movement disorder as well as their family, friends and agencies who care for them. The Second principal objective of this merger is to increase vital research into Parkinson’s disease.

This is in line with their investment in other Neurological diseases, as well as the aged care and frailty sectors of the healthcare system. The Hospital Research Foundation envisages the opportunity to develop a strong, recognisable charitable brand that translates into the activation of productive and consistent community support.  The integration of Parkinson’s SA into The Hospital Research Foundation group, is a model that provides enhanced opportunities to improve efficiency and skill retention within the organisation to achieve maximum community benefit.

Under the proposed merger The Hospital Research Foundation will assume full responsibility for all the governance, financial management of PSA as well as the reporting, strategy development, marketing, communications and regulatory matters required for transparency and accountability. The Parkinson’s SA Board will maintain an advisory role to The Hospital Research Foundation through a Board of Governors, made up of current Board members in the first instance.

Parkinson’s SA, the legal entity, inclusive of all assets and liabilities will stay in place and The Hospital Research Foundation will provide a solvency guarantee each year. This is possible because of the very strong financial position of The Hospital Research Foundation.

In 2018 THRF had an annual income of over $56 million with an annual net surplus of over $7 million and also held $25 million in net assets.

What happens to my Parkinson’s SA membership?
Financial members will change to a status of Parkinson’s Champion, retaining the same benefits such as free access to counselling, education seminars, In Touch magazine, discounted access to allied health services such as our Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathology and reduced price tickets to events and fundraisers.  The only change will be that The Hospital Research Foundation is the only member of the organisation. Parkinson’s SA will remain part of the Parkinson’s Australia federation.

Life Members will become known as Champions for Life, and will maintain their benefits previously entitled to them as Life Members. 

Summary of benefits of joining The Hospital Research Foundation:

Ability to increase client support services, allied health offerings and specialised support groups for people living with Parkinson’s and their families

Overall, the potential benefit to the Parkinson’s SA community is significant. Apart from ongoing financial security, there is ongoing access to the world class resources and skills of The Hospital Research Foundation. We will be able to focus entirely on the needs of people living with Parkinson’s, without having to spend an inordinate amount of time and resources ensuring financial viability. We will also be able to invest in improving vital support services in regional rural and remote SA.

Increased investment in Parkinson’s research
A major consideration when examining the benefits of such a merger is the potential increase in investment into Parkinson’s research. One of the positive and unique aspects of The Hospital Research Foundation Group is that in 2019, for every $1 a supporter donated, The Hospital Research Foundation Group provided more than $5 in grants to lifesaving research and patient care! This is because the administration costs are covered by their commercial business activities which also boosts funds to research and patient care each year.

Financial security and sustainability of Parkinson’s SA
The Federal and State governments have reduced recurrent grants to specialist support organisations such as Parkinson’s SA over recent years. Under The Hospital Research Foundation there would be decreased reliance on Government grants.

Strong lobby and advocacy skills of THRF
As a large, well-respected and trusted organisation that funds many life-saving programs in South Australia, The Hospital Research Foundation have highly productive relationships with government and the Primary Health Care Networks.

Access to the significant fundraising, communications, finance and admin resources
Increasing impact – by accessing expertise and a larger data base to support existing initiatives. It is also expected that there will be a greater flow through of fundraising $ to the cause through enhanced operational efficiencies and financial support.

Your say is vital

The Parkinson’s SA Board have looked into the potential positives/negatives of this change and strongly recommend it to the members.

To make this positive change a reality for Parkinson’s SA, we need to hold a special general meeting to amend the constitution.

If you have any questions, please call 1800 466 189 or email

Members will be voting to endorse the following changes to the constitution to change their status to Parkinson’s Champions and make The Hospital Research Foundation the only member of Parkinson’s SA.

Further Information on The Hospital Research Foundation:

Financial Statements per the Federal Governments Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission site

Charities currently listed under the Hospital Research Foundation Group

The Hospital Research Foundation board members

Members will be asked at the Special General Meeting, to endorse the following motion
To change their status to Parkinson’s Champions and make The Hospital Research Foundation the only member of Parkinson’s SA.

The Parkinson’s SA Board has called a
Special General Meeting
to be held at 25 King William Road UNLEY
at 10am on Thursday 28 May 2020

Please note due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions the President strongly recommends that you place a proxy vote via email to
or by posting to PO Box 466 UNLEY SA 5061 to avoid possibility of not being admitted to the SGM.

How to read the attached documents: Green in an inclusion, red is a deletion. Please note that lettering and numbering will be adjusted accordingly.

1. Existing Parkinson’s SA Constitution <click to open>

2. Proposed Amendments to Constitution <click to open>

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