Hold your own 'Fun'draiser for Parkinson's SA&NT

Parkinson's SA&NT relies heavily on the generosity of the entire community to be able to continue to provide the wide range of support and education services to South Australians living with Parkinson's, their carer's and families - and you can help!

Our 'Party For Parkinson's' fundraising program helps you become a 3rd party fundraiser by holding your own event or function at any time of the year...and it's easier than you might think.

You can either host your own, stand-alone function OR simply consider passing the hat around at your next gathering. That could be a birthday party, engagement party, sports event, fitness class or staff meeting. The possibilities are endless!


If you'd like to hold a Party For Parkinson's or raise money for Parkinson's SA&NT, please contact Becky by email at BHeffernan@hospitalresearch.com.au or call (08) 8244 1100 - to help get your party started!

100% of EVERY dollar you raise is used

to support South Australian's living with Parkinson's.

Join Us!

Parkinson's SA&NT Annual

Championship $75

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