Parkinson’s South Australia (PSANT) as a charity of The Hospital Research Foundation Group provides support and information to people living with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, their carers, family, community and health professionals.
Parkinson's SA&NT represents and supports the 8,000+ people with Parkinson’s in South Australia and Northern Territory and their family members. The support provided is across the continuum of the condition, from diagnosis, through the early stages and throughout the progression of the disease.
The passionate team are focused on maximising choice, independence and wellbeing for people living with Parkinson’s. They are also committed to improving vital support services in regional and remote areas and expanding research capabilities to help stop, slow, reverse and cure Parkinson’s.


Information sheets and helpful contacts to guide you through common symptoms and topics related to Parkinson's and other movement disorders


Support, education, exercise, recreational and specialist groups to connect with in metro and regional South Australia and Northern Territory


Upcoming support and education seminars hosted by Parkinson's SA with health professionals, guest speakers and special interest topics


Read the monthly In Touch newsletters, research updates and media releases

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