Health Professionals

Parkinson’s SA supports health professionals whose work brings them into contact with people affected by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders.

Health professionals are encouraged to phone the Support Line on 1800 644 189 for general information about Parkinson’s and other movement disorders for help with the needs of specific clients who are in the community or in residential care.

Health professionals can access and borrow resources from the Parkinson’s Library by becoming a member of Parkinson’s SA.

Parkinson’s SA also provides training on a fee for service basis for staff in residential care. For more information or to book a training session for your facility, phone 8357 8909.

Caring For People With Parkinson's - A National Training Package for Residential Aged Care Facilities

Parkinson’s Australia’s new Aged Care Training Package called

Caring for People with Parkinson’s

is now available nationally. It is designed to educate and inform all the staff of Residential Aged Care Facilities to improve the quality of care provided for residents living with Parkinson’s.

The training package is evidence based, with clearly stated and measurable learning outcomes, while incorporating the principles of best practice in care and utilizes a person-centred approach.

Learning Outcomes

1. Increase the awareness and knowledge of the signs, symptoms and treatments of Parkinson's disease

2. Increase the understanding of the needs of someone living with Parkinson's.

3. Increase the capacity of staff in providing care for someone living with Parkinson's.

The training workshops, which are interactive and include a range of adult teaching/learning strategies, are facilitated by specialist educators with expertise in providing care for people with Parkinson’s.

For further information or to book a training workshop in your facility, contact the Parkinson’s Info Line on 1800 644 189

GP Online Education Program

Parkinson's Australia and the Australian College of Rural Remote Medicine (ACRRM) are pleased to announce the release of the 'General Practitioners Guide to Parkinson's Disease' module on the Rural Remote Medicine Education Online (RRMEO) website. This module has been accredited with ACRRM for 30 PRPD Points. Here is a link to further information.

This 6 hour online educational course is designed to help GPs address the issues of most GPs to enact their role to assess, diagnose, treat and manage the care of patients with this illness. The course caters for learners with different levels of knowledge and experience in this area, while also providing flexibility in the way it can be used.

We are recommending this course for any health professional who would benefit from this knowledge.

Access is free for all ACRRM members and RRMEO subscribers. Other users can register for free - access via Parkinsons Australia by clicking on the button (below).

Caring for People with Parkinson's

Parkinson’s Australia’s new Aged Care Training Package called

Caring for People with Parkinson’s

is now available nationall...

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