Regional Engagement Project

Parkinson’s SA is committed to support our regional and remote community and through the Regional Engagement Project is sharing expert information and support.

Parkinson’s SA recognises that many who live in regional and remote areas are doubly disadvantaged by a lack of accessible relevant medical services, nor have a facility to attend sessions which are run in the mostly in the metropolitan area.

To address this, funding was gained through The John Wallis Foundation to professionally film and edit sessions.

These six video sessions have now been produced and are available here (click on the name to access the video): 

The video sessions are an ideal tool to suit individuals, empowering them with more detailed information directly from the presenter, plus questions from attendees are also addressed at the end of the sessions.

As there is a wide variety of engaging subject matter, these video sessions also suit sharing with family members, carers and other health professionals, including your General Practitioner.

They are also an additional resource for Regional Parkinson’s SA Support Groups, particularly if their is video subject matter that prompts further investigation at a local level.

For those who have any questions about the seminars, the free 1800 support line is always available for specific discussions with our social workers. 

Parkinson’s SA will continue the project in 2017 to grow the library of video seminars available to the Parkinson’s community. 

Thank you to the John Wallis Foundation for their contribution to the project.