Parkinson's SA supports a range of groups who provide support. exercise options, special interests and recreational activities.  This page provides further information about the groups.

Here is a link to the ENTIRE list of all groups.



Support/ Education groups are friendly and welcoming groups which provide a forum for social contact, support and learning.  Friends, family members and carers are welcome to attend.  There are Parkinson's groups in many metropolitan and regional areas.

Exercise Groups

Parkinson's SA refers people to a range of community exercise programs including specific Parkinson's exercise sessions.  The Parkinson's Pedallers' Cycling group participates in monthly bike rides around the metropolitan and hills areas.

Specialised Groups

Parkinson's SA also has groups for people for other specific movement disorders -

  • Dystonia,
  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy,
  • Multiple System Atrophy,
  • Cortico-Basal Degeneration.

Other specialised groups include the Focus on Family Carers' group, the Deep Brain Stimulation group, the Shaky Faith Matters group and a 20's - 50's group.

Recreational Groups

Parkinson's SA promotes the benefits of people being involved in active and creative pursuits through the weekly Brushlines Art Group, a monthly Photography group and Dance for Parkinson's classes.